If you want to arrange a rustic style kitchen and you were looking for ideas, we have chosen for you 3 beautiful white kitchens as a source of inspiration. They are created by the famous brand Neptune and we especially like the way the wooden beams and pieces of furniture fully blend together to create the rustic atmosphere. The amazing brown beams also give a warm feeling in contrast to the all white furniture.

In the rustic kitchen of the Hogan-Duvall family

In this rustic kitchen the most impressive item is the metal oven. Also the classic wooden beams and black metal handles subtly complement the neutral color palette used in this design.

The Farmhouse sink is a must-have in such a kitchen.

In the rustic kitchen of the Collyer family

Much more airy and bright, this rustic kitchen also has a special fluidity created by the semicircular furniture bodies. They also contribute to the slightly classic air of the design.

In the rustic kitchen of the Ashley family

With a generous dining area and upholstered chairs, this rustic kitchen combines classic accents with warm unfinished wood details and cool metallic accents.