Leo’s fascinating story has touched the hearts of millions of Thais. And thanks to the internet, his fame has crossed the country’s borders, being famous worldwide! This dog lived on the streets of Khon Kaen in Thailand. He had a strange habit: he was spending most of his day at a crossroad, like he was waiting for someone. Residents thought he was just a stray or abandoned dog, so they didn’t care too much about his unusual behavior. Until one day, a curious person decided to find out more about the dog. Then he discovered that Leo had been coming to the place for four years, and a woman named Saowalak fed him and decided to adopt him.

After regaining his strength, Leo fled Saowalak’s yard only to return to the same well-known intersection, with the same attitude as if he was waiting for someone.

The woman decided to release Leo, but she continued to bring him food and water every day. Saowalak and the dog’s story deserved to shared and it was posted on Facebook.

The story made front page and went viral on social networks, and Leo’s masters saw him online (who was actually called BonBon and belonged to a couple from Roi Et province).

Nang Noi Slittisarn and her husband had lost BonBon during a trip to Khon Kaen in February 2015. BonBon was in the back seat of the couple’s car when he jumped out of the car at a traffic light. Nang and her husband searched for BonBon in various places, but without success. After a week of searching, the couple gave up, believing their pet might be dead. With the post, the couple saw pictures of BonBon and discovered that their four-legged friend was alive and had been waiting for them faithfully since the day he jumped out of the car.

The couple immediately went to retrieve BonBon and bring him home. The joy of the reunion was overwhelming, and BonBon kept hugging and wagging his tail! When the couple wanted to take him home, he did not want to accompany them, because in those four years, BonBon became very attached to his human friend, Saowalak. Seeing this, Nang and her husband decided not to force BonBon to go with them, doing their best to bring him even closer to the woman who saved and cared for him all these years.

Even so, its former owners will continue to visit BonBon / Leo regularly, bringing him toys and food.