The walls, the floor and all the large pieces of furniture in this apartment are immaculately white. But the strong and cheerful color accents in the accessories, the small furniture enliven the arrangement and bring a modern air to the design. What other surprises and ideas this apartment has for us, see below.

Perhaps the boldest part of the design by Margeza Design Studio is this vegetable wall. The green of living plants fits perfectly on the white wall and harmonizes in a cheerful design with orange and blue accents.

The apartment covers two levels and has an area of 110 m². The kitchen, staircase, sofa in front of the window, and even the carpet were custom made, to complete the design of this interior.

In the living room, orange is the color that brings dynamism and the drops of blue and green harmoniously complete the color scheme on the white background.
In addition to the strong color accents, the designers played with materials such as plastic, metal and glass in surprising volumes that give the arrangement a modern and minimalist air.

On the first level bathroom , orange is replaced by intense red, and the teardrop-shaped washbasin contrasts with the straight lines in the arrangement. Regardless of the style of arrangement you are looking for in your own bathroom, these bathroom sinks can help you recreate an equally strong visual contrast.

Just like in the bathroom, red is the main color in the kitchen. The way the countertop covers all the kitchen parts is surprising, giving the impression of a unitary island. The lid that covers the sink and the narrow hood next to the electric hob, are two ideas worth stealing, creating an unitary and minimalist arrangement in the kitchen.

The closet is almost invisible due to the immaculate shade of white used for the furniture and the walls.

In the attic, the master bedroom shares the same space with the bathroom. There is no dividing wall and the modern white design continues with even fewer color accents.

When space allows, a shower and a bathtub can be very practical. One is at hand in the morning when you are on the run, and in the evening you can relax in the bathtub.