We all know how things work in the animal world: All that matters is the struggle for survival. Only animals that have more power, boldness and intelligence remain standing and can survive this environment. Lions are the most feared predators in the animal kingdom, as we all know. They are born hunters and have many hunting techniques. Graham Dyer, the man behind the camera, was worried when he saw an injured fox in the “Central Kalahari Game Reserve” in South Africa.
But he would never have expected what happened next.

The lioness saw that the fox was injured and was lying on the road, fearing the approaching predators. The situation did not seem to be improving.

Seeing that the fox was wounded, a lion approached this light prey.

But just as the lion was preparing to attack… The lioness intervened, sitting in the middle and thus preventing the fox from the hungry lion. She even “told” the lion to stand aside.

Then the lioness returned to see her cubs . At which point the fox gathered all his strength to flee and seek refuge.

The maternal instinct is very strong, regardless of the species! In addition, the animal world is completely fascinating and continues to amaze us every time.