Eclipse is a black puppy, a labrador crossbreed with a mastiff, who travels alone daily by bus to the dog playground, where she spends a few hours. Then she takes the bus and returns home, also by bus.
Eclipse is independent and she doesn’t need anyone. The adorable puppy leaves her Seattle home every day and takes the bus to the puppy park, where she runs and plays for about two hours. At the end, he heads to the bus station to catch a ride back home. She uses the ticket she has on her collar.

The whole story began when Jeff, Eclipse’s owner, took her to the park one day and the bus arrived. The dog hopped on for a few stops and got off when the bus reached the park. Jeff quickly realized that Eclipse knew the route very well and soon trusted her to go alone, knowing that she would always return two hours later.
All the bus drivers know her. Many passengers who frequently use that route are happy to see her every day and often sit next to Eclipse.
She even has the police the approval , as long as the bus drivers agree to this.

All the bus drivers on that route know Eclipse and pick her up if they see her waiting at the station. They always make a stop at the park, even if Eclipse forgets to press the button to open the doors.