No matter what kind of animal you are, friendship remains friendship – this is the lesson that a lynx and a stray cat want to teach us.
Entering incognito in the oldest zoo in St. Petersburg, in search of food, a cat stopped in a lynx’s cage. Surprisingly, his reaction was not violent at all, but on the contrary: the two became best friends like the know each other since forever.Now, the zoo caretakers are being forced to accept the cat “intruder”.

Both the lynx and the cat are part of the same biological family and maybe that’s why their friendship is so natural and lasting. The lynx wanted a friend cure his loneliness, and the cat needed shelter and some food.Now, the cat is an official resident of the park, has all the documents, and the unusual couple are bringing more and more visitors to the zoo!

The Iberian lynx is the world’s most endangered feline species. Things like illegal Hunting, road accidents, habitat destruction and lack of prey available are just some of the threats that brought the Iberian lynx to the brink of extinction.