Long gone are the days when for the arrangement of the bathroom or kitchen you had to choose from a maximum of 10 options of sanitary ware. In recent years, manufacturers and designers have understood that each arrangement is unique and that each style of arrangement needs accessories that integrate perfectly into that design. Those who have ever renovated a bathroom or kitchen, especially one in a certain style, know how difficult it is to find the perfect washbasin faucet or kitchen sink faucet that fits perfectly into the design. And here we do not take into account the desire to choose slightly non-conformist colors such as black or blue or green.

In a short series of articles, we aim to help you in your search and to offer you some selections of sanitary faucets perfect for certain styles of arrangement. Today we focus on the retro-industrial style through the Muro collection.

Why Muro? Because we really like the retro taps perfectly integrated in the linear, simple and modern design of the taps, which, in the end, ends in an equally retro detail – the ribbed pipe.

In addition, the two shades of colors available, satin black and brushed gray, are perfect for industrial-style bathrooms with a narrow color palette. Faucets fit perfectly in any bathroom or kitchen with a bit of personality, modern, eclectic, minimalist or even Scandinavian.