Blacknose Valais is a breed of sheep from Switzerland, raised mainly for meat, and which in Germany is also called Schwarznasenschaf Walliser. People say that these sheep are the cutest animals on earth along with the Panda bears. Sheep are raised mainly in the mountainous regions of the Alps. Their wool has a rough texture, and is white. A black wool sleeve covers their nose, eyes and ears which gives them a cute look. Some animals also have a small tuft of black wool on their legs. Adult rams have horns, which in some cases are flat or spiral.

Blacknose Valais sheeps even have a fan club on Facebook, called the “Blacknose Sheep US FanClub”. Blacknose Valais have long been known and bred. They survive without problems in the harshest conditions in rocky mountain areas and each sheep weighs between 180 lbs and 220 lbs , and produces about 9 lbs of wool per year.