We often talk about the strong connection between humans and dogs. The fur balls are , in many cases, considered true friends, family members, key components with whom to share joy, sadness, and affection. Needless to say, when we lose a dog, the sadness is huge. The feeling of emptiness and anxiety makes us do everything to find him and bring him home safely.

This was also the case of Alan Whitton, 49, of Redbridge, UK, who about a year ago adopted a beautiful female Jack Russell Terrier named Mitzi. However, during a regular morning walk, Mitzi disappeared. It was immediately clear to Alan that finding her would be difficult, so he turned to social media for help. A situation, no doubt, devastating, which turned into a real nightmare when the man saw that despite constant searches, the dog had disappeared without a trace. After two days without Mitzi, Alan had begun to lose all hope of finding her.

However, at one point, Alan received a call from a man who noticed the dog sniffing something around a hole. Alan rushed to the indicated place and started shouting at Mitzi and drawing her attention with one of her favorite toys. Alan, helped by a few people, began to dig.

By the time Alan managed to hug his puppy, the man’s reaction exceeded all expectations. He had an emotional experience dominated by happiness and love for his best friend. These are truly impressive images.