This story is about the unusual and amazing friendship between cats and dogs. A family of three Huskies have adopted a kitten named Rosie.
Rosie was only three weeks old when she was found on the street. She was so small and frail that she had little chance of surviving. Maybe one more night in his condition.

So her rescuers decided to try something a little different : they let her sleep with Lilo, one of their dogs. Lilo has never had puppies and never will, but she is certainly caring and loving with puppies.

Lilo immediately began to take care of little Rosie, giving her protection and even letting her squat in her warm fur. Without Lilo’s help, the kitten’s survival was in doubt.

Lilo was happy to finally have a baby too, even though Rosie was just a playful kitten.

As Rosie grew older, she identified better with the role of Husky, accompanying them on walks and all their adventures.

Now that Rosie is no longer a baby, but a regular cat, she prefers to eat with her friend Lilo. The puppy even calls Rosie to huddle next to her to take a nap .