Don Chatten, a 49-year-old man from Erie County, New York, was walking with his two dogs in Ellicott Creek Dog Park when one of the four-legged friends stopped by a bridge and began behaving strangely. Don followed him and heard a low bark coming from the icy water.
Don had heard about a missing dog in the area, so he went to investigate. It wasn’t long before he noticed a small dog trapped in the icy waters. Don asked the people who had gathered to call for help, but realized that the poor puppy would not survive that long.

Without thinking twice, Don jumped into the icy waters to save the dog. He broke the ice with his forearm and faced the extremely cold water to get closer to the dog. He then managed to hold the dog to his chest and go back to shore.

The dog, named Jackson, was taken to the vet and received emergency care. Doctors thought Jackson’s life had been saved by Don’s quick reaction. The dog owner was extremely happy and grateful to be able to see his pet safely and unharmed.