The largest cat in the world is the Maine Coon, found in many houses in America. This giant cat has some distinctive features and seems to have been born from the crossing of a raccoon with a cat. However, it also has features from the wild lynx.
True cat enthusiasts know the breed and want it, but it is quite expensive. If you want to have such a large cat, you must also have a suitable house, because it needs a generous space, especially since it is very active, despite her size. A large male can reach 29 lbs!

This breed, which appeared more than 100 years ago, is famous among specialists and cat lovers for its imposing looks. If you want to impress your friends and own a huge house, these majestic creatures are the perfect pick.
A cat very similar to the traditional raccoon was originally found on farms in Maine, USA. The cat was very effective against rodents.

Shortly after its domestication, it was first presented at an exhibition at the end of the 19th century. Regarding the myths up to that time, some believe that they arrived in America on the ships of European settlers.
The largest cats (Maine Coon breed) are distinguished by fluffy tassels on the ears, like a real lynx, and a wide tail. The color often resembles that of the raccoon. Main Coons are affectionate giants with silk fur. “They attach themselves to a person and they are always available to play with you. I call them the Labradors of the world of cats “, wrote the owner.