Two newlyweds have fulfilled their dream of buying a spacious apartment near Stockholm city center. We will discover in the following, how they managed to design it and what ideas can we “steal” to apply in our own apartments.

The young couple chose a Scandinavian, minimalist layout with sophisticated wood and gold accents on an immaculate white background.

The kitchen furniture was custom made, unique project to fit perfectly in the open space of the living room. The countertop is made of marble and it creates a beautiful effect, in contrast to the white furniture, delimits exactly the food preparation areas, but also brings dynamism to the decor.
In order to better integrate the pieces of furniture in a small space, we recommend that you use such a custom furniture service, so they all fit perfectly.

The island in the middle of the kitchen stands out with its multiple storage spaces, perfect for easy access to glasses, plates or spices. In addition to the chrome accents (faucet with pull-out shower, built-in oven and toaster), the space is also animated by warm gold tones, such as the picture frame, decorative objects and the imposing lighting fixture above the dining area.

The oak floor together with the wooden chairs offer a warm feeling to the slightly sterile white of the living room.

The subtle colored spots in the paintings, the decorative pillows and the plants have the role of stylizing the arrangement and bringing dynamism in the straight lines of the design.

The final design, moderately supports the golden motifs, found in accessories and small pieces of furniture. They bring warmth, elegance, but also chromatic unity to each room of the apartment.

The bedroom is characterized by the same color palette, but here, surprising is the glass wall dressing room. The space that could have been occupied by a closet, was designed in such a way that the shoes, clothes and clothing accessories were visible even before opening the door and making the final choice.

If you have such a space and want to turn it into a more sophisticated storage place, you can order a custom dressing room.

The white-gray color of the bedroom is warmed by the pale yellow curtains, and the point that brings texture to the room is the voluminous lighting fixture, similar to the flowery white peony.

The bedroom “home office” continues through its simple design the straight and minimalist lines of the arrangement. The monitor can also be used as a TV in the evenings while watching Netflix.

The marble tiles on the wall and the bathroom countertop are the same as in the kitchen. With their help, the owners created unity between the useful spaces in the house.