The famous 65-year-old billionaire received his second dose of vaccine last week. Thus, he sent a clear message, answering questions about the vaccine.

Bill Gates still obeys COVID safety rules, such as wearing a mask, even if vaccinated, according to

“I want to set a good example. If you are vaccinated, you can still transmit “, Bill Gates said, according to the mentioned source.

Bill Gates’ reaction to the vaccination

The US Centers for Disease Control (CDC) explains that people vaccinated against COVID must continue to follow safety measures. According to experts, it is not yet clear at this time whether vaccines also prevent transmission, even though Pfizer and Moderna serums have proven to be very effective in preventing severe forms of coronavirus.

“I will not stop wearing a mask and be extremely careful, especially in the presence of older people who have not been vaccinated,” said Bill Gates.

The billionaire philanthropist also answered those who wonder when we will be able to return to normal or when we will be able to give up the measures of social distancing.

“Only in late spring and summer will we reach numbers from which to think about changing behavior significantly,” said Microsoft co-founder, saying he plans to wear masks over the fall because “it’s not a disaster.”

Gates told the truth in the midst of the pandemic
Bill Gates told the truth about the end of the coronavirus pandemic. In an interview with El Pais, the co-founder of Microsoft said that everything will return to normal with the massive vaccination of the majority of the world’s population.

Specifically, he believes that by 2022, even the most affected pandemic countries such as Spain and the United States will be able to return to normal and be able to organize major events again.

“By the summer of 2021, things will return to normal and, by 2022, in countries such as Spain and the United States will be able to organize major events. We will go far beyond the most dramatic effects of the pandemic, “said Microsoft founder.

At the same time, in the interview, Bill Gates stressed that there are still inequalities between poor and rich countries in terms of the vaccination process. Specifically, the amount of vaccine in rich countries is much higher, and poor countries will suffer in this context.

“There is a big gap right now. The amount of vaccine in rich countries is very high, even compared to middle-income countries such as Brazil and South Africa, which have suffered greatly from the epidemic but continue to vaccinate at a slow pace, “he said. .