Nordico architecture studio created a beautiful project, perfect for our times. It’s an efficient mix of living and working. Apartment owners can find a source of inspiration here, where all the space is used at its maximum but with good taste and modern style.

The designers created the project by 3D modeling the space. The central area of the apartment is composed by the harmonious combination of the living room with the work space (office) and the dining area. The delimitation of these areas was made with the help of separators that function as decorative elements, but also have a well-established practical role. See the fake wall that supports the TV and the desk.

The lines and geometric figures visible everywhere bring dynamism to the interior and a personal touch to the decor.

To create the impression of space, the designers used a color palette that includes white, gray and black tones. The only spots of color can be found in accessories and some furniture, all warmed by the natural shade of wood.

Another important aspect in arranging an open space is natural light. To supplement the light from the large windows at night, but also to create an intimate atmosphere, the designers used spotlights and lighting fixtures that bring a diffused light. Both the office and the dining area have their own spotlights that focus the warm light, but also the attention on the respective area.

Because the owners cook a lot and do not want the flavors from kitchen to reach the living area, they closed the small kitchen with a sliding glass door. Thus, the flavors remain in the kitchen area and the living room is visible.

Although the bedroom is not very spacious, the designers from the Nordico studio have found a solution to fix this problem. In order not to visually load the room and to create the feeling of a full space, the designers applied contrasts of white and gray with accents of earthy colors. The dressing room is located on the right side of the bedroom and is visually separated from the rest of the room by a raised platform. Access is through a sliding glass door.

The repetitive structure of the rectangular pieces of white tiles, which starts from the floor and continues to the ceiling, represents a continuity in design and a harmonization of all the details. It comes in an interesting contrast with the playful geometric shapes of the tiles.